Where's the plugin menu?

I want to install localcopy, but I cant find the plugin menu in my sofware, where’s the plugin menu? I cant find it in my sofware, I’m a freshman ,help me please.

Plugins are no longer supported since version 3.0.

However, most features of localcopy are now directly integrated in JabRef. What do you want to achieve?

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Thank you for your answer! I want to download papers directly in the jabref. And what should i do

To add new bib-entries to your database you can use the “Web search” feature. Click “Search” -> “Web search” to open it:

Here you can select one of various sources to be searched.

If you already know a DOI, ISBN, or another identifier you can also use the “BibTeX” -> “new entry” functionality to directly lookup the data:

If you want to add a fulltext to an existing entry you can try the autodownload feature in the “General” Tab of the Entry Editor:

If you already have the PDF on your machine you can simply click on the “+” button next to the file field (also visible in the previous screenshot) and choose the file.


Thank you very much! Now I can download papers directly, But there’s another question. After I download papers, I cant open the pdf. It note “Status: Unable to open link”

I must remove the link, and attach file again, after this i can open the pdf. That’s why? :dizzy_face:

Oh, I konw that’s why. There 's not the path after the paper be downloaded. After I add the path, the pdf can be opened.

And why cant the path be added auto?

Thank you very much for your help !:rose: