Will Jabref 5.0 work with openjfx 11?

I couldn’t find any information on that question.

We are working on it: https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/pull/3421

That looks quite active, which is good. On the other hand, how difficult would it be to package an old Java version and an old JFX together with Jabref in order to make it independent of the system packages?


we also have a snap package of the current dev version:

This comes with an appropriate jdk version or requires ones. I’m not that deep into that package stuff.

The 5.0 alpha and all later versions now require java 11 so you no longer need a snap.

So I can replace java8-openjfx by java-openjfx in my package?

Yes. Java 8 is no longer needed.

For Windows java 11 runtime is already included in the installer.

But java 12 won’t do?

No. Not yet. And java 11 is an LTS release so we will stick with it for a long time.