Win 10 lenovo 12" tablet, Jabref 4 unreadable screen fonts, icons

Jabref 2.9.2 and 4.0.0 on Windows 10 with 12 inch hi-res display (Miix 700 tablet), is totally unusable again, the icons are tiny on 2.9.2, on 4.0.0 the fonts in docks, and preview panel, are tiny, no matter what i try in Jabref, Java, or Windows, isn’t there a way to just turn off icons in 2.9.2, replace with text “F” for file, or “U” for url etc., or set all the fonts in 4.0.0 to the same, just one font and size for the entire thing? I don’t see why this is such a problem, is very simple???

The 3.8.2 version works for me in a similar setup (12’’, high resolution). Can you please post a screenshot of the problems in 4.0 so that we can fix them. Thanks.

Is JabRef 2.9.2 with jre7.8, the tiny icons, text in preview.