JabRef 3.6 on HiRes laptop screen = messed up!

Because my previous JabRef install suddenly stopped working – something about Java and the registry, I uninstalled JabRef, updated Java, and reinstalled JabRef to v. 3.6. I use Win 10 Pro 64bit on a Dell XPS 13 w/ resolution 3200x1800.

Starting up JabRef v. 3.6 – argghhh.

  1. At startup, menu font is so big that menu items partially overlap! I dig into Options/Preferences/Appearance. The menu font is set to 36 pt (from past installation, or what?). I try to change it, but the bottom of the tab, including OK button, is below the bottom of the screen. NOT GOOD. OK – just by chance, I discover that by reducing the size of the JabRef window, the OK/Cancel button actually appear, but I can not see the bottom of the tab… in other words I cannot operate – or not even read – all menu items.

After some experimentation, I end up with font size 16, which give ok menu font size.

  1. Then I open a BibTeX database. Next problem… menu font is fine, but the database items are not readable!!! The font appears to be a couple of pixels tall!!! I cannot read the screen, even with a microscope!

How can I fix this?


Thanks for reporting! Maybe file an issue at our Github repository, so anyone with a HigRes Display can take a look.

Do you have changed the magnification on Windows? I assume yes.

We are trying to switch to JavaFX, but this will take longer. Can you check the build available at https://builds.jabref.org/javafx and check whether the about dialog (Help->About) shows properly?

A similar issue was discussed at Version 3.0 text too big, fuzzy on Win10 MS SP3 · Issue #415 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub and @matthiasgeiger provided a solution: Version 3.0 text too big, fuzzy on Win10 MS SP3 · Issue #415 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub

You might try to change the “compatibility settings” for JabRef to “Disable Scaling for high DPI settings”: See MS Help: https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/support/apps-and-windows-store/app-display-issues?os=windows-8.1-update-1

I also added this as FAQ at Page Redirection. Hope, it helps.

More links are kept at “Should also work at unusual setups” at https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues/113

Regarding the Problems with hih dpi/resolution on Windows 10, I encountered the same problem a while ago not also with Jabref but with other programs as well.

I can recommend the simple tool DPI Fix for Wndows 10, it allows you to tweak the settings with a simple click

Hi Oliver

I found that I could change the magnification by scrolling the mouse wheel. However, this was not intuitive to me.


I had some issues these days. I am currently trying the look and feel “com.jgoodies.looks.windows.WindowsLookAndFeel”. JabRef Preferences: Appearance: “Class name”