"Write to XMP" feature seems to work only with "relative path"


I exported my Zotero library in bibtex format to use the XMP feature in JabRef.
But Zotero export the “file link” in the bibtext File field in the following format:

file = {Dowek-2010-Les_demonstrations_et_les_algorithmes-Introduction_a_la_logique_et_a_la_calculabilite.pdf:C:\Users\Dell-Latitude\Documents\Dowek-2010-Les_demonstrations_et_les_algorithmes.pdf:application/pdf}

Two things happen:

  • “Write to XMP” feature does not appear in the General tab
  • and “Write XMP-metadata to PDFs” from the Tools menu does not work.

Write XMP-metadata to PDFs” from the Tools menu gives the following message:

Skipped - No PDF linked.
Finished writing XMP for 0 file (1 skipped, 0 errors).

But my PDF is linked since I can open it from within JabRef.

I have to remove the link form within JabRef in the General tab by right-clicking in the File field and select Edit, and this for each file, but I have more than 3000 PDF files…

Since I set a default file directory, JabRaf keeps a “relative path” to the file and restore the “Write to XMP” feature.

Is there a way around this ?



This sounds indeed like a bug with absolute paths. Can you please open a new issue at https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues (with a detailed and minimal way to reproduce the problem). Thanks!