4.2 Comments on filelinks


I downloaded 4.2 to try out, and the file link feature still does not work properly. In jabref 3 if I click “get fulltext” it immediately links to my files on my hard-drive. On 4.2 with the same bibtex file - it croaks and I have to manually shut jabref down (same problem in Jabref 4.1 which I report ages ago).

So I am back to jabref 3 until this is fixed - my workflow entails getting hard copies of papers I am working on and linking them to my bibtex. Jabref 3 is very good- jabref 4 at the moment is still not ready for researchers who have large bibtex files.

I am running this on opensuse 42.2 with java 8.

Many thanks in advance.

(Christoph) #2


you could try to change to another Look and Feel in the Settings in JabRef 4. Try metal, instead of GTK.
GTK Style is known to be problematic.