@Article: number and issue

(Buhtz) #1

What exactly is “number” and “issue”?
Sometimes I read “volume”, too.

e.g. A journal released 2017 as the third one (number 3) in that year.


The biblatex manual contains the definitions of these terms.
See section 2.2.2

(Buhtz) #3

Of course I read the biblatex doc. :wink: But I am always running into the same questions from time to time. Let me give you an example.


This is “115”. Is that a “number” or “issue”?

For general: When do I use “number” and when “issue”? When do I use both of them? In some journals it is not clear for me.

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I know the pain and as always the answer depends:

Some maybe helpful links:


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And about the history:

(Buhtz) #6

So in my example there is no volume number. There is only the year (2014) and the issue (115).