How to italicize part of the in-text citation in Jabref?


I need to format the in-text citation like this:
[Smith et al., 2009] or Smith et al. [2009].
How to make it by modifying the .jstyle file? I tried again and agian, but failed.
Could anyone help me please? I’m very anxious about it.


Does anyone knows that? Thanks.

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could you provide some more details on what you are trying to achieve? Are you using Libre/Open Office?
Do you just want to copy a citation?



Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clear. I’m so worried.

I’m using Libreoffice and I want to use Jabref to insert in-text citation in my odt.
Through the “Export Filter Editor”, I grasped the format of reference list layout.
But for in-text citation, I don’t know how to change its format.

Now it looks like Smith et al. [2009], but I want Smith et al. [2009].
Only part of citation is in italic. But I don’t know how to make it by modifying my jstyle file.

Could you please help me?

If I don’t make myself understood, please let me know.

Thanks very much.


EtAlString=" et al."

This can only make the string " et al." italic, not the authors.

How to achieve that?
I believe Jabref can make it


can Jabref solve this problem? If I don’t make myself understood, please let me know.
Thanks a lot.

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I had a quick look at the code and it appears that Jabref supports HTML tags like <i> italic text </i>. But as I have no experience with LibreOffice I can’t tell you what to change.


Thanks very much.
I have tried HTML tags like italic text , but it doesn’t work in the in-text citation.
I hope next version will support it.

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could you provide us the jstyle file you are using?

Thanks in advance!


Ok, no problem.
But I am noticed that new users cannot upload files.:disappointed_relieved:
How to provide you my jstyle?


Maybe you can copy it here:

[Author year] style file


ReferenceParagraphFormat="Text body"
ReferenceHeaderParagraphFormat=“Heading 1”

YearSeparator=” “
InTextYearSeparator=” "
EtAlString=” et al.“
AuthorSeparator=”, “
AuthorLastSeparator=” and “
AuthorLastSeparatorInText=” and “
BracketAfterInList=”] "


CitationSeparator="; “
UniquefierSeparator=”, “
PageInfoSeparator=”; "

article=\begin{author}\format[Authors(LastFirstFirstFirst,Initials,Sep=, ,LastSep= and ,10,1,EtAl= et al.),]{\author} \end{author}\begin{year}(\year\uniq), \end{year}\begin{title}\format[HTMLChars]{\title}, \end{title}\begin{journal}\format[HTMLChars,JournalAbbreviator]{\journal}\end{journal}\begin{volume}, \format[HTMLChars]{\volume}\end{volume}\begin{number}(\format[HTMLChars]{\number})\end{number}\begin{pages}, \format[HTMLChars,FormatPagesForHTML]{\pages}\end{pages}\begin{doi}, doi:\doi\format[HTMLChars]{\empty}.\end{doi}

book=\begin{author}\format[Authors(LastFirstFirstFirst,Initials,sep=, ,LastSep= and ,10,1,EtAl= et al.),]{\author} \end{author}\begin{year}(\year\uniq), \end{year}\begin{booktitle}\format[HTMLChars]{\booktitle}\end{booktitle}, \begin{publisher}\format[HTMLChars]{\publisher}, \end{publisher}\begin{address}\format[HTMLChars]{\address}.\end{address}

incollection=\format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAbbreviator,AuthorAndsReplacer]{\author}(\year\uniq). \title. In: \format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAbbreviator,AuthorAndsReplacer]{\editor} (Ed.), \booktitle, \publisher.

inbook=\begin{author}\format[Authors(LastFirstFirstFirst,Initials,sep=, ,LastSep= and ,10,1,EtAl= et al.),]{\author} \end{author}\begin{year}(\year\uniq), \end{year}\begin{chapter}\format[HTMLChars]{\chapter}, in \end{chapter}\begin{booktitle}\format[HTMLChars]{\booktitle}\end{booktitle}, \begin{series}\format[HTMLChars]{\series}\end{series} Series, \begin{volume}vol. \format[HTMLChars]{\volume}, \end{volume}\begin{editor}edited by \format[Authors(FirstLast,Initials,sep=, ,LastSep= and ,2,1,EtAl= et al.),]{\editor}, \end{editor}\begin{pages}pp. \format[HTMLChars,FormatPagesForHTML]{\pages}, \end{pages}\begin{publisher}\format[HTMLChars]{\publisher}, \end{publisher}\begin{address}\format[HTMLChars]{\address}.\end{address}

phdthesis=\format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAbbreviator,AuthorAndsReplacer]{\author}(\year\uniq). \title, \school.

default=\format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAbbreviator,AuthorAndsReplacer]{\author}(\year\uniq). \title, \journal \volume\begin{pages} :\format[FormatPagesForHTML]{\pages}\end{pages}.

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I finally found time to look at your issue and I think I found a solution:

You have to set the Paraemter FormatCitation=true
The other parameters control the apperance of the in text citation, e.g. bold, italic, or sub/superscript


Thanks for your help.
But in this way the whole citation is italic.
Could you make part of the citation italic? e.g. Sam et al. [2012] or Sam et al., 2012] ?
That’s what I really want.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your help.
But in this way the whole citation is italic.
Could you make part of the citation italic? e.g. Sam et al. [2012] or Sam et al., 2012] ?
That’s what I really want.

I’m sorry for this repeated reply.
Thanks in advance.

(Christoph) #16


I understand the problem. I looked into the code and it could be possible if you use the \texit{} latex formatter around the authors formatter.

Then you have to disable the FormatCitation=true I think. I am not that deep into that functionality, so sorry that I can not help you that much here.



Hi, Christoph,
thank you all the same. It’s really a problem. Will next version support it?
And by the way, how to use the \texit{} latex formatter around the authors formatter?

Do you mean setting the AuthorField=\texit{“author/editor”} in the jstyle?
I tried this before, but it doesn’t work.
Do I get the point?


(Christoph) #18


I was wrong. The settings with article= etc only control the appearance in the reference list.
The FormatCitaiton = true and further control the appearance of the in-text citations.

I did a debug sesion and found out that author + year are internally combined to one String (or “word”) which is then inserted into Open/Libre Office and then formatted with the given thing.

I also experimented a bit with LIbreOffice, e.g. trying do define my own character style, but this is based on the same problem as above.

So, I currently see no possibility to do this. Codewise this would require a huge effort and is in my opinion not worth it.
However, we plan the suport of the CSL citation styles in Open/LibreOffice, so that would enable you to do this.

Restore PageInfo in LibreOffice document

Thanks for your help, Christoph.
I’m sorry that my question wasted a lot of your time. I am looking forward to the support of the CSL citation styles:slight_smile: