Why its appears like [1,2,3] not like [1-3]

How can I make my references by JabRef to come in [1-3] instead of [1,2,3]

could you post a screenshot?
Are you talking about the way your bibliography is portrayed in Latex? Are you talking about page numbers or something?

why this apears like [1,2,3] Ineed it to be[1-3]

What you see is the Reference within the text. The reference within the text is based on the citation-style you have chosen to use.

Which text-editor are you using? Is this Libreoffice, OpenOffice, is it Microsoft Word or is it Latex?

Depending on the answer, a limited amount of default jstyles are currently offered to you (see here: https://jstyles.jabref.org/) You might have to use a different style or adapt your style via the Export-Filter Editor for Jabref (GitHub - teertinker/Export-Filter-Editor). If you are operating within a latex environment, you might wanna check out the Biblatex documentation page 74 (https://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/ctan/macros/latex/contrib/biblatex/doc/biblatex.pdf)

Additionally, with latex, if you insist on using your current style instead of using another style, the cite package might be able to modify it: https://texdoc.org/serve/cite.pdf/0

I am using Microsoft Word

Pleaz ineed to solve my problem

In word you can change the bibliography-style and hence the style of the in-text citation here:

Try some of the other styles. Maybe one of them uses [1-3] rather than [1, 2, 3]. If you don’t like them, there is a guide about how to change the styles here: Create Custom Bibliography Styles | Microsoft Docs

What i find of interest, but is not related to your problem, is which modus operandi you use to export the jabref citations to Microsoft Word? I myself mostly use Latex, but whenever i have to use Microsoft Word because i am required to do so, i rather use Citavi for managing my references and the style, because it is so complicated to do so with Jabref.

Does somebody know if the Jabref Word Addin (GitHub - JabRef/JabRef-Word-Addin) can change/manipulate the bibliographystyle? Does it use the jstyles, the CSL-styles from entry-preview or does it use the styles provided by Microsoft Word?

  1. I tried all of the other styles. does not work with me

I am so sorry man because I got you busy

@ThiloteE The JabRef Word Addin uses CSL. But it’s not yet ready to be used with JabRef. Slowly but steady working on it.

For the simple way: Export to Microsoft Word - JabRef

No Problem @ebrahim. Sorry i can’t help you more. Also thank you Christoph for the follow up.