Modifying the citation style


I’m writing a paper and need a specific format for bibliography style and also how the actual citation appears in the text.
I have attached a picture of how the citation should appear in the text when it is a single reference, two references and multiple references in a specific order. The bibliography style should look like the second picture attached.
I have created my own style using “Export Filter Editor” but when I try to load it into jabref (OpenOffice->select style->XXXX.jstyle) nothing seems to be altered in the entry editor nor the word document.

Thanks in advance!!

Have you managed to import your style?

Things you would need to provide for people to help you:

  • The citationstyle file you created
  • The version of Jabref you are using and the operating system. You can find this within Jabref under Help>About Jabref

Even if you were to provide this data, only a handful of people could help you, as there are not many who created their own j-style, unless someone is willing to do a deep-dive.