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(Neil Redgate) #1

Some of the science journals (Zootaxa) I am hoping to submit articles to, advise that the range of pages used in a reference should be separated by en dash ’ – ’ and not the hyphen.

In the latest version, when I paste the en dash between the pages the warning triangle appears with the popup message “should contain a valid page range”. I am fairly certain in the jabref v2 & 3 series (and possibly, the earliest v4 series), the en dash could be used.
If I can only use the hyphen for the page range, I will have to edit every single reference once inserted in to my manuscript, which for obvious reasons, I would rather not have to do.
Can you set up the pages field to accept either the hypen (minus) ’ - ’ or the en dash ’ – '?

Thank you for your time considering this request

with best wishes

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(Tobias Diez) #2

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(Neil Redgate) #3

Hi Tobias,

Thank you the update and adding my request to others which are similar.

Nice to know there are other users with a similar requirement

with best wishes


(1160200515) #4

Can you leave a screenshot or a more detailed explanation? My team and I want to improve this issue. But I didn’t reproduce this problem.

(Neil Redgate) #5

Hi Tobias,

I attach to screenprints of the required fields for an article, showing the pages field -

  1. using the hyphen ‘-’ as the page separator
  2. using the en dash ‘–’ as the page separator, please note the warning message.

In normal text, I can use the asci code (U+2013) from my keyboard, I cannot do this within the pages field: as soon as I press <ctrl+shift+U> a new article is created with blank fields. So the only way I can insert the en dash is by copying from a special character table (or from normal text) and paste it into the pages field. As soon as this is done, the warning symbol appears.
I can still save the biblographic entry and use it normally in citations.
The warning symbol is just annoying when you are working with the article’s edit form.

I hope the attached images and above information is helpful

with best wishes


(1160200515) #6

I got it thank you.I will try to solve this problem.