Acess a Database with username and password

Hello Felows,
Many thanks for your work
I’ve been using Jabref for a while and this school year I star to use it in a caolbaration way with mty students and colleagues.
It will be great if we can open a on-line database with a username and psw previous defined, anda the acess is already predefined, to make possible diferent classes acess each DB

Let me clarify :).
Using a link on moodle for example to open a shared DB,
IIs ti making sense?
Tanks in advance

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
  • I don’t care.

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The feature is already available: You should setup a PostgresDB. Also available as cloud hosting.

No write protection support on JabRef side. The database has to be setup accordingly to prevent accidential changes.