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I’m previously using Aigaion(reference management application) along with mysql database. Now i’m moving to Jabref with postgresql database and i need to move couple of hundred pdfs from mysql to postgresql database. I just want to know, is there any way or solution for automatic migration of pdf’s? Does jabred provide such kind of solution please let me know!

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I don’t know how exactly how Aigian handles files, but JabRef has several options for discovering of files and moving them to folders defined by patterns etc.You would need to export the files to a folder (or if you have them already in a folder then JabRef can easily link them)

If you don’t work together with multiple people on your library, you don’t need to use a database. JabRef operates on bib files (these are in fact just text files).
You can find some information here;

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Basically, i’m implementing jabref in the Institution and we will be working in a team and for that i need database(postgresql). So, could you please tell me that how to upload pdf to postgresql through jabref. I’ve previously connected jabref to shared database successfuly but need to know that if i store pdf on jabref shared database then will it store also on postgresql database?.

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JabRef does not store the pdf files in the shared database (postgres).
Either everyone has a copy of the file locally in a folder or you have some kind of global network share/folder that everyone can access.



@Siedlerchr, Could you please tell me. How it is possible to create a link which connects jabref to shared folder. Because i have been trying to search it on forum and couldnt get it yet. Please let me know.

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Just change the main file directory