Author/editor sort order with LibreOffice


I have a custom style file I made for use with Libre Office writer. Everything works well on export except that entries with only an editor (no author) are sorting separately at the end of the reference list, by first name.

I have AuthorField set to “author/editor”, but I don’t think that affects the sort order. Is there a way I can fix this in the style file, or is this a bug?


See the following github issue about bibliography sort order using the OpenOffice/LibreOffice integration: Openoffice / LIbreoffice bibliography order · Issue #7805 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub

It is mainly determined by the citation key and order of appearance of the citation in the document.

Creating a citationkey that both includes author and editor may be worth a try.

Edit: Excluding both author and editor from the citationkey could help too?