Information about .jstyle style files


I’m trying to find out more about .jstyle style files to create a new citation file (the one I’m after doesn’t yet exist) for integration with libreoffice. However, the help page ( doesn’t say much about which language is used and which options are available to us. I’ve managed to adjust a few fields but can’t seem to do the same to others others. For instance, I can’t switch between the “and” and “&” for the last author’s name even though apparently all I have to do is change the field AuthorLastSeparator from “&” to “and”. Apparently, there are also two ways to edit the authors’ names (\format[AuthorLastFirst,AuthorAbbreviator,AuthorAndsReplacer] and \format[Authors(LastFirst,Initials,Amp,7]) but I can’t seem to find any concrete information about them.

Can you anyone help me understand how to code these files or point me to the resources that will?


I think the same options as described here also apply for the open office export.

I think that does it. Thanks.