Auto-update groups created automatically


Here is a feature I could not find.

When I create new groups automatically, for author last names for example, JabRef creates groups for all the authors it can find at the time I use the feature. But when I add a new entry with a new author, no additional subgroup is created. I have to manually add a new group.

So here’s the question. Is there a way for groups created automatically to auto-update every time I add a new entry, and create new groups if necessary?


@tobiasdiez Shouldn’t this not already be done?

Yes in JabRef 4.0 the automatic groups are updated. However, as of now, you need to temporarily switch to another database in order to update the view. This is a known bug:

Alright, I have an outdated version then, I’ll change for the new one. Thanks to the two of you.