Fundamental features of Groups (remembering last/default view & others)


Groups is a feature as important to bibliography as folders to hard disk. I am a power-user of groups in JabRef in the sense that I have at least about a hundred groups maintained. While it might be under primitive development, I must say, it is still one of the painful tasks to deal with groups with no other option that I am aware of (?? kindly suggest if any ??) for the large bibliography that I track and read regularly. Finally I’m happy to see that groups, which I thought is an abandoned child, is finally being taken care of under active development as I noticed in JabRef4.0-beta3

The Main Feature Request:

The testing of the latest beta version revealed and compelled me to request some very small additional features:

Earlier, one little solace used to be the setting of “show groups expanded” which is removed from settings in JabRef4.0-beta3. I would recommend alternatives such as:

  1. Default view, remembered by JabRef.
    This means, when I open the same old *.bib file(s), the focus should directly go to the sub-sub-group that I was active on when it was last opened. Currently it refreshes the selection to the top level, and is very annoying.

  2. Default view expanded to 1 or 2 or 3 levels or in full.

  3. Default view expanded to the way it was when it was last opened/closed.

  4. Link and Single-delayed-click (like in windows & nautilus) with rename, both of which are inactive in JabRef4.0-beta3. Currently only the double-click is linked to expanding the group by one-level.

Other related features within groups:

There are a few other features that I would love to see in near future:

  1. Way to identify orphan entries (those belonging to no group) in current bibliography.
  2. Way to copy or create aliases to groups like soft-links in linux -or- shortcuts in windows, it will be a great use for extensive bibliographies. This allows us to use a subgroup in multiple groups.

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
  • I don’t care.

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