Feature Request - Autofill Groups

Hi there,

i just started working with jabref - and so far mostly use groups to sort my articles.
So lets say i want an article to be in
(Sub)Group Cars->Volkswagen
and also in
Subgroup “Project123 - Beetle”

I can easily add those two groups and add the article by either dropping it from the entry list onto the group(s) or by adding into the tab General and the field Groups.

What i am missing now (or can’t get to work) - Autofilling Groups.

So when i add another Article and want it to be in those groups i just enter V… or Beetle - and Jabref suggest every available group including that letters with that which you can click and its added.
Especially with longer group names (like i use for Projects) this would be awesome. Also it would avoid typos.

What do you think?

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
  • I don’t care.

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Thanks for using JabRef! I agree that this could be a nice feature.
For your use case, the following Feature of JabRef might be of interest to you:
You can define an automatic group based on keywords, regexes or other search terms. Matching entries will be automatically assigned to this.
So you tag your entries with a keyword for the project, e.g. you would add the keywords: cars, beetle and JabRef would automatically add them to the corresponding groups: