Bib file mode problems

When I save the bib file using Jabref, the mode is strange - the owner (me!) does not have write access. Strangely, ‘group’ does: the mode is g=rwx, nothing else. I have my default mode set correctly under bash u=rwx,g=rwx. What else do I need to check? Thanks.


could you please add some details, e.g which JabRef, LInux version and Java version you are using?
The only thing we once changed was the handling of the executable bit. Since 4.0-beta all permissions are now default to:

664 (-rw-rw-r–)

You can also try to check the latest development version:

Very sorry to waste your time. This looks like a Unix/Cygwin issue.
It was not umask, and it was not the mode on the parent directory, but something inherent in the directory where the bib files resided. What I did was move away the directory, recreated it, and then simply copied all the files back to the new directory. The problem then went away.
Again, sorry.