Browser extension broken after update to 5.11, missing

Anyone else had this issue on macOS? Did something change in jabref that’s not yet reflected in the firefox extension? Very weird issue.


the path of the has changed inside the app. You should use the pkg installer to take care of the changed paths. It configures the browser extension paths as well

I had the issue with 5.11 “installed” from dmg. Then the issue popped up today and I installed from pkg, however, this didn’t resolve the issue. Should I have removed the dmg version before installing from pkg? I had assumed the pkg would replace the dmg automatically.

And some feedback. This page specifically says that macOS users should install from dmg: “Download and install the DMG package of Jabref (>=5.0)”

Hi, you can try removing the DMG before trying the installer. But that normally should not make a difference.
Otherwise try replacing the org.jabref.json in the Application support directory
with the one linked,
the new path is /Applications/

The help page needs rework, there is already an issue about this and someone will take care of it.