Browser extension for Microsoft Edge

I’ve installed the browser extension on Edge. But when I click it, nothing happens: it just shows JabRef option menu, like this:

Please note:

  1. I’ve JabRef on desktop open.
  2. The extension has access to data on all sites.

I think the problem is with “Webscocket client not started”. (Please see my reply to this post)

How do I use the browser extension with Edge browser to click and save articles to my JabRef library? Thanks!

When I go into Manage Extensions, I see this:

@tobiasdiez Any idea what this means?

Are you using a normal left-click on the JabRef icon? I only get this dialog when I right-click.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, please open an issue at Issues · JabRef/JabRef-Browser-Extension · GitHub with a bit more details (Edge version, websites where this occurs etc).

Yes, it’s with a normal left click. I see it happens only for the pdf links (please see screenshot). The extension imports the reference for web pages.

Do you think it is designed to work only with web pages?

Yes, it does not work with pdfs as their is no reliable way to extract metadata etc from a PDF.

Although the extension does not support metadata extraction from pdfs, the development version of JabRef now supports improved detection and extraction of metadata.
You can get the latest version here: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.0 (
Remember to make a backup of your library before trying out the new version