Chrome Browser extension does not work at all

chrome, win10, jabref 5.4

does anyone help for it?

Maybe there are not many people using it, so nobody knows, just like you :sweat_smile: I don’t use Chrome for example, so i don’t know.

If you manage to make it work, would you be so kind to write down the solution here?

What and where exactly does it not work? Any example? What did you do?
Some steps describing your process would be helpful

in Chrome, I add it and go in google scholar, however, it does not show and help to add library



I am not sure, why the Chrome Browser Plugin is not working for you, but for me it is actually working.
I tested it for normal webpages and for scientific articles. Each time Jabref pops up and opens an “Import dialog” where I have to confirm that I want to import the resource.

Hope you’ll find a solution

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Many people find it can not work, you can find the issues by searching.
How do you let it work?

So lets try to eliminate first the simple things by eliminating wrong expectations or understanding of use. Since you did not concisely describe how you interacted with Google Scholar, I will describe how I interact with the extension, so maybe you detect some differences. If you use the extension the same way, the maintainers could exclude wrong interaction from the bucket list of errors and probably could find your issue more easily.

  1. Search for an article. In this example, I will reference to an article of my supervisor on psyarxiv

  2. I click on the extension at the extension bar of Google Chrome

  1. A small box pops up and shows the text “sending to jabref”


  1. Then, a dialog pops up in JabRef itself, to control the import of the paper

I do not know whether a use of the extension inside a search result of Google Scholar is intended, but reading the description of the extension I doubt that it is. There it says:

“Just visit a publisher site or some other website containing bibliographic information (for example, the arXiv) and click the JabRef symbol in the Firefox search bar (or press Alt+Shift+J).
Once the JabRef browser extension has extracted the references and downloaded the associated PDF’s, the import window of JabRef opens.” - Chrome Web Store / Jabref Extension

Update: For transparency, the linked paper is from my master thesis’ supervisor. It was opened at the time of writing this post. Therefore, I used it at this example.

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In google schoar, it does not work

As the extension’s description says, you have to open the publisher site (e.g., O`Reilly, IEEE, Elsevier, and many more - these examples are typical in the field of Computer Science) or another website containing bibliographic information. For the latter, they give the example of “arxiv”. Therefore, I assume that pages containing search results (i.e., Google Scholar) do not include the bibliography directly or in any way readable for the plugin.

If you follow your link to the Google Scholar search result, you will get to a literature page. Unfortunately, even this page seems not readable by the JabRef extension. But you will find a link to arxiv at the bottom of the page. If you try to add your targeted paper from its arxiv page, it’s working fine - I tested it to be sure.

To conclude this thread, it seems like there is either an issue or a feature request.

If I correctly assume that Google Scholar is not supported by the JabRef extension, there is a feature request to support Google Scholar as a source.

If my assumption is wrong, this is a bug report that the extension is not able to read bibliography from Google Scholar search results.

Maybe @Siedlerchr could help us out here. Nevertheless, the extension is working but you may need to adapt your workflow to the tool as I described above. Check out the literature and switch to the individual paper’s page (i.e., publishers site, arxiv, other search engines which provide detail pages for papers, e.g., semantic scholar). I assume, that this is the easiest workaround for your issue.

If you do not rely on using the extension for Chrome, but want to use online search engines (e.g., Google Scholar) as a source, I recommend to read Searching externally using Online Services. The manual describes how to open the dialog of that feature and how to search for literature. It also describes how to create complex search terms. Unfortunately, Google Scholar is not supported at the moment since Google changed their API. However, you will find a list of all other supported databases there.

I hope that I could help you with your issue. Feel free to reply or ask further questions.


Thank you very much!