Camel case for field keys

Dear JabRef users + makers

According to change log of Version 3.1 the bib field keys do not use camel case anymore.

However, JabRef 3.5 installed on Mac OS still changes every modified entry to camel case. The JabRef 3.5 on Debian uses lower case.

Then, the order of the bib entries is changed as well. e.g.
Mac: Title, Author …
Debian: author, title …

This is making usage of GIT on the “.bib.”-file not very userfriendly (conflicts need to be resolved manually).

I did not find any settings in preferences. How to resolve?

Many thanks for your help

Hi Madlene!

This is a bit strange. At least if you modify the entry it should be saved using the “new” style without camel casing… And it should definitely not be an OS issue.

What happens if you change an entry in the BibTeX source tab and then save it? Does it still show camel case in the tab? Or is the camel casing happening only in the saved file, not in the tab?

Dear Oscar
I am very sorry for this late reply.

The problem got resolved in meantime.
It seemed there was a connection with the chosen language. I had Jabref in English, and my collaborator in German. We both updated to newest version and are now using English GUI language and the problem did not appear again. However, I did not test if the update or language resolved the issue.

Thanks anyway a lot!