Can I search in the abstract field for keywords?

I would like to be able to search the abstracts field in my jabref .bib file for keywords. Is this possible, to do this? I’m using jabref version 3.4 on ubuntu linux.



This may sound quite obvious, but have you tried using the search functionality?

You can open the search bar via the menu: Search->Search or by pressing CTRL+F.

Yes I have and several of the instructions for searching don’t seem to work. When I repeatedly press CTRL-F it doesn’t cycle through different type of search, which according to the instructions it should? Also I’m not sure the abstract field is searchable, hence the question.



What instructions are you referring to, can you perhaps provide a link in the online help? Which of them don’t seem to work and how exactly do they fail? Also, what version of JabRef are you using?

In JabRef 3.4, everything is working fine for me and also the abstract field is searchable.

So if I get you right, you want to limit the search to the abstract field? I.e., only those entries containing the Keyword example in the abstract field should be found?

That can be accomplished by searching abstract=example or combined with OR or AND: abstract=keyword1 AND abstract=keyword2

That does work nicely, my syntax was wrong. Thanks. J