Selecting keywords from a list

I’ve created a list of keywords, but in the current version (JabRef .13–2024-04-01–6bdcf63 / Linux 6.5.0-10040-tuxedo amd64 / Java 21.0.2 / JavaFX 22+30) I can’t select them in the editor’s keyword field. I can’t even type anything in that field. But when I create “keywords = {any text},” in biblatex source the editor’s keyword field is usable, e.g. select a keyword from the list or even type a new on in.
I checked the preferences and settings but did not any setting that had changed this. Does somebody have an idea what I could do to get keywords working?
By the way, in former versions (I’m using jabref since V5.5.) it worked.


you hit an UI issue, you can add the keywords if you click in the top left corner of the field:

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Hello Christoph,
thanks for the link, that helps as a start. I hope next version will overcome this weird editor’s behaviour.