Can JabRef export a groups list?

I know I can use command-line to export entries. Can I use it to export the list of groups?

My use case is: I have automated a command-line export of entries for each of my groups, which then automatically updates a web page where I list references. I can auto-update these lists by just re-running the command-line exports, and any new references I’ve added to my groups will show up on the page, like this:

java -jar ~/apps/JabRef-3.8.1.jar -n --exportMatches groups=GROUP

I run this for each group, creating a reference list for each of my groups. But this requires hard-coding the actual group names. To make that dynamic, I’d need a way to export the group hierarchy easily from the .bib file. I see the grouping data stored there, as an @Comment called jabref-met: grouping:. I could just parse this, I suppose – but it would be better if I could just use JabRef to export this list.


No, this currently not possible, so your best bet is to parse the group tree in the bib file.

For your particular use case, you may also want to consider to embed the bib file directly in your webpage and show it using It works wonderfully for me.