Change font of biblatex source field to monospaced for better readability

The source entry looks nice when copied to an editor with monospaced font but rather ugly in the biblatex source tab. It would make sense if the font of this text aread had a monospaced font in Jabref too.

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I don’t really understand your problem. The font is monospaced in biblatex source editor in the latest 5.0-dev


that looks great. I’m using the latest stable version where this isn’t the case. I also searched the feature requests and didn’t find anything related, but apparently someone was faster in proposing this.

The mono-spaced font probably came with the streamlined process of converting all other controls and windows to javafx and therefore the follow up adjustment of the CSS theme.

Well, as you might know we are unable to support more than one version, so therefore please always check the latest master version for bugs or feature requests.
Although it is still a development version, it is already relative stable. We focused a lot on bug fixes.


What is the difference between the dev snapshots and master latest? Is there a way to figure out which version it is and when the version of this file gets pushed?

I’d like to try to build a package around that source but I’m not sure how to automatically set the right version.


The snapshots are automatically built once a new commit to master is done (usually after a pull request)
The sha1 hash value of the git commit is included in the filename together with the date.

You could make use of github inbuilt rss feeds for commits to get notified when a new commit is done.
The new built is usually available a couple of minutes later then.

The latest Master jar is the same version as the one with the long name to make it simpler to update the version without the need to make modify any existing start scripts.

Here it is:

@j0hannes Thanks for the package.

Would you mind adding this option to the installation help page?
Just click Edit this page at the bottom of the page.

done :unicorn::unicorn:

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