Problem with style files for OpenOffice plugin after changing to JabRef 3.5


I just changed from JabRef 2.4 to JabRef 3.5 and I have some trouble with the style files for the OpenOffice/LibreOffice plugin. I would very much like to keep using my old style files, which took me a while to fine-tune (I have a small collection of them).

  1. There is some problem with the encoding; the title of the reference list should read “Bibliografía” but instead I get “Bibliografía”.
    This doesn’t happen in the reference list itself, however: there my references with Spanish and Portuguese characters are correctly resolved. I use UTF-8 encoding for my bibtex file.

  2. In the reference list, some of the fields don’t print. For example, the line for the entry type “article” in my style file reads:

article=\format[Authors(LastFirst,Fullname,sep=; ,LastSep= y ,EtAl= et al.,3)]{\author} (\year\uniq), «\title», \journal, vol. \volume\begin{pages}, pp. \format[FormatPagesForHTML]{\pages}\end{pages}.

But I get the following output:
Baumgartner, Frank R. (2013), «», Governance, vol. 26, pp. 239-258.

So obviously the \title field isn’t printing (plus I consistently get an “” character before the opening quotation mark). This also happens with other entry types using \title (article, incollection) but not with all of them: book titles print as expected.

I don’t know if I need to make some adjustments to my preferences in JabRef, if I need to make changes to my style files, or if these are bugs in the new version. My style files used to work fine with the older version of JabRef, I used them extensively without any problem.

Thank you!