Citations not showing up in search, small portion shown in main window

Hello all,
I don’t remember messing with any settings, but for some reason jabref is only showing a small subset of references in the main window. I am not completely sure, but I think it is only showing references that were imported from other .bib files. It also does not list references that were not imported when I search for them. But I know they are still there because I can see them in the .bib file itself. What gives? Any ideas?

Hey Conner, there are a few things that would help in solving this:

  • could you post the exact version and operating system of jabref you are using? You can find this info under Help>About Jabref
  • If the entries within your bibfile are not of sensitive nature, you could post the library file here for the community to debug.
  • Which method/programm did you use to write the entries to your library file?
  • Which method did you use to open this file with Jabref? (e.g. open; import; drag it via mouse into the main table; …).
  • Has this library file worked for you once before?

Do you have a search filter or group selected?

I have no idea why, but when I opened the file today it was working fine. Sorry to waste your time!