Migrate from Windows to Ubuntu: Groups and search not working


so far I’ve used Jabref under Windows and enjoyed it very much. Now I had to switch to Ubuntu. I installed Jabref and opened my bib file.

  • I toggle the groups interface, but my groups don’t show up in the interface on the left (like they did in Windows). The Bibtex source of an entry still shows the groups entry like it was the case using Windows: Groups = {Foo/Bar}. What do I have to do such that the groups will be displayed in the interface on the left?
  • The search does not work. I type a part of a title of one of my entries in the search field and click on “Search all fields” (with Incremental, Highlight words and Autocomplete Names settings enabled [I tried others also]) but nothing happens.

It would be great to receive help!

Can you tell us which versions of JabRef you are using on Windows and Ubuntu?

Your descriptions of the problem sounds like an older 2.11 version which quite outdated…


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Ahh, thanks, yes. Ubuntu 16.04 sudo apt-get install jabref made me install version 2.10… using the up to date version everything is working and the GUI looks much better :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

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there is not yet a package for Ubuntu, but version 3.8.2. is avaiable via debian unstable or testing.