Cleanup and file links


I’ve been happily using Jabref since the early 2.x releases, but now I have problem I just can’t solve.
I’m using release 3.8.2.
I keep files linked to my entries troughout the whole hard disk, not only just a main directory.
This approach is consistent to what I do, and it’s been working for a long time. Now, if I do a “cleanup” of an entry
linking to a file in the hierarchy of my hard disk (e.g.:driveletter:\folder1\folder2\folder3\file.pdf)
the cleanup procedure moves the linked file to a directory that can be, depending on the settings specified:

  1. the bibtext file location (no main file directory specified)
  2. the root of any main file directory I specify in preference-external file links-main or db properties-generali file…

While this seems correct (not a bug), what I would like to obtain is a cleanup action that does not move the
external file from where it is (I use cleanup only for renamiing the files), or , as an alternative, getting the same result specifiying as main file directory the root of my hard disk.
I’ve tried all the reasonable combinations of preferences-file-main file directory, database specific file directories,
and preferences - import- file directory pattern without getting this apparently simple result.

Could somebody point me in the right direction?

The filename format patter is the default \bibtexkey\begin{title} - \format[RemoveBrackets]{\title}\end{title}


you stumbled across a known bug, The cleanup Rename options moves also files.
A fix is currently underway which separates the actions Cleanup and Move to file Directory.
In the meantime you could try the development version from the link below. I just publised a new version which should be avaiable in a few minutes.,

The bug has been reported here:

Great. Two days googling and searching and I did’nt catched it was a bug. Thank you for the suggestion, I will look at the code.