The function of copy linked files to folder


I just upgraded from Jabref 4.3.1 to 5.0.
I found that the function of copy the linked file of a selected entry to folder disappears. I could find it either in the File->copy linked file or via right-click menu.

Is there any plan to get this function back in 5.0?
Thank you very much.

You can either use the cleanup operation (better for batch movements) or right-click the file in the “General” tab of the entry editor.

Thank you very much.

Finally, I find the “copy linked files to folder…” menu which located in Tools.

I need this function just because I want to share the linked files with others. I organized the entries by group. But the linked files are organized by the Journal. It will be more convenient to share many papers under the same group.

I will try the clean up operation.

@QuantumGuy You can let JabRef automatically organize your files.
Under Preferences -> Import you can define the Linked file name conenventions.
If you enter [groups:(unknown)] as a file directory pattern JabRef will put the linked files into a folder named after the group(s). If an entry is part of multiple groups, the group folder name is a comma separated list of group names.
If you then use the cleanup operations “Move files to file directory” JabRef will move the linked files to the group.
Newly downloaded paper will then be automatically moved into that directory,.

@Siedlerchr Thank you very much for your advice. This is a nice way of the managing the literature. I will try this way.