Close Unused Panels

In my entry editor appear additional panels like “Optional fields 2”, “Deprecated fields” and “Other fields”. I cannot modify the fields of them nor close or hide the panels. Most of the fields are empty or even the panel is empty. They do not appear when I create a new database. How can I get rid of them? “Set up general fields” in Options does not help!

… ok, I now found out that the additional panels are features of the BibLatex mode contrary to the Bibtex mode. But what is the use of it??? Still, how can I edit/close/hide the panels and in particular “Other fields”, that is still there in Bibtex mode?

These panels are auto generated and cannot be closed manually. However, the ‘Other’ panel should only appear when there exist fields in the BibTeX entry that are not displayed in any other tab.

Thumbs up to the whole JabRef project! But it would be really nice to have the option to close these new tabs. They appear also when BibTeX mode is selected. And the “Other” tab pops up even though I added the extra fields in the “general” tab. Depending on how wide the Jabref window is set, the tab are then distributed on two rows, and since colours are gone now, it has become less easy to find the right tab.

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