Customize the panels(tabs)

This has been asked before: Close Unused Panels

I am testing the latest beta on the mac. I find the large number of tabs (panels) pretty annoying.

I never used the following tabs, for example. I would be glad if they can be hidden.

  • Deprecated field
  • Optional
  • Other
  • File annotations
  • Reviews

can you guys give an option to customize the tabs; just like the Related Article tab

This is partly possible: in" Options -> Configure general fields", you can remove the line about Review.

NO, that is not my request. That hides the sub-fields of the General field. Not, the tabs (panels).

Here is a picture.

What I am requesting is to hide the higher tabs(fields): as indicated by the arrows.

What your suggestion does is hide the sub-menus of the General field: which are the left side such as DOI, Crossref…

Well, using JabRef 4.0-beta3, the tab Review is hidden after removing the line about Review in “Options -> Configure general fields”. See:

Before (with the tab Review between Abstract and Related articles):

After (no more tab Review):

Which version of JabRef are you using?