@Comment{jabref-entrytype... definition in bibtex file

We are using a single bibtex-file with JabRef in our research group (about 10 non-frequent users). As maintaining person I’d like to provide the framework. To have all relevant fields filled out, I put them into the required tab. Now I can save my local setting and export it. The more pretty way is to use the @comment{jaref-entrytype feature in the bibtex-file.

Then I specified it there, the first user can automatically overwrite the local setting using the definition of the bibtex file. But after saving the bibtex file with JabRef the @comment{jaref-entrytype… - line is removed in the file.

Is there anyway to keep it the bibtex file and make it available to all following users opening the file?


it seems this feature is no longer available using the jabref-entry typie: https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues/365#issuecomment-296591631 because all standard types are defined in the biblatex/bibtex spec.

The simplest solution would be to export your preferences which others then can import or you create custom entry types.


Thank you Christoph,

this issue I did miss.

But may I ask some questions:

  1. Is there any place where JabRef specific content of bibtex-file is documented?(http://help.jabref.org/en/Bibtex -> here a lot of features like @comment{jabref-meta… can not be found)

  2. It is possible to import an partial preference xml-file, including just the content that should be changed (I do not like to change “defaultOwner” nor some other personal setups)?

  3. Is there any way to map custom types to standard entry types later? Because if we use DocEar4Word plugin and I define custom types like ArticleCustom then I have to rewrite the style file as well, right?

Thanks Again!