Cross references between files

For many years I have kept collections of papers (e.g., conference proceedings) in a separate file from the information about the individual papers, I then use both file in the bibliography command \bibliography{strings,mystuff,mycollections} and it works fine.

In jabref, obviously, it doesn’t know to look in “mycollections” to find the missing parts of the references when doing something like checking the integrity of the file. As well as telling me the cross-reference doesn’t exist, it also says cross reference is “biblatex only” which is false (I have been using with bibtex for decades). Is there a way of telling jabref that the cross-references from file A can be found in file B?

Many thanks, Kris.

I am afraid not…
The way to do this into JabRef is to use groups (one group per collection) and crossref keys in a single file.
The good news is that it should not be too long to get the proper single file.


Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out.