Custom XML export

Dear all,

I am struggling using JabRef to export an XML file. I’d like to use a XML structure as provided by the internal export setting “BibTexXML”. However, I need to format the author names in a different way (so that all authors are separated by ; and not by the word ‘and’). Additionally, I’d like to have german “Umlaute” (ä,ö,ü) written out, and not with the LaTex-Syntax "a.
I tried to read the documentation about Custom Name formatting and Custom exports, however, the Custom Name formatting seems not to affect the XML export? I also looked for a .layout file for the XML-Export which I can modify, but couldn’t find one. Can you give me a hint how to accomplish my task best and do an XML-Export with a xml name scheme as defined by BibTexXML, but with the fields themselves formatted in a custom way?

Thank you very much for your help,

The BibTexXML exporter is not implemented via a layout-file, because there is a special standard which we used to automatically generate some of the code.

You can find a large collection of examples for layout files here: Hopefully you find something which is close to what you want to achieve and which can thus serve as a basis.