Directly insert citations in Microsoft word by JabRef

Current version of JabRef does not allow to directly insert citations in Microsoft word by JabRef.
It would be great to solve this problem.


JabRef is currently only able to insert citations into LIbre Office. And I think we currently lack the man power for implementing this feature. Volunteers welcome.
A workaround is to use the export to ms office feature. Then you can use Ms Offices internal citation system.

The lack of this “feature” depends on the politic of Microsoft.

I would say that JabRef should not waste ressources here. It is a lot of work because Microsoft is not really open for 3rd party and free software.

In the current state JabRef has a lot more to do on points with higher priority.

Myself I use MS Word (because of the team workflow in my company). But I wouldn’t like to have a feature like this.