Incorporate docear4word into jabref 4?

Hi, I started using Jabref from version 2. But it is ugly to insert jabref entries into ms word untill docear4word appeared. Docear4word can insert entryies in a bibtex file into ms word in a convenient manner. However, it will attractive connect jabref with word directly.

May I ask that could the comming jabref 4 push entries into ms word directly? If that, I think jabref will be the most powful tool, instead of endnote or zotero.

We are very well aware of the plugin and extracted the code to However, we currently have no resources for developing the plugin further. We also cannot pay anyone to do it. Docear is in a similar situation:

Maybe you know a developer who wants to volunteer here? We would be very happy to support.

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Sorry for that. I’m not a programmer yet.

Furthermore, when an entry in Jabref was deleted, its related files had better be moved into a trash subdirectory automatically. Will it come into effect in the next version?

Please file a feature request at It is a kind of thing a beginner can do and which we can thus get linked from

Regarding linked files, the current 4.0 dev version has the option to delete the file on disk or to just remove the file link from the entry.

Sorry to dig this up but I recently found out about Docear4Word and finally got it working, using this Help here: Forums » Docear Support Forums » Bug Reports » Docear4Word wont install if .NET newer than 2.0 is already installed « Docear
Unfortunately, I have to write more and more Word documents and thus I need a solution which is fast and not as annoying as syncing .xml files :wink:
It also looks like that Docear4Word is basically the only option for Word users if you do not want to use Word’s internal reference manager (which I think is awful).
There is also Bibtex4word but it looks even less maintained than Docear4Word.

It looks like Docear4Word is not maintained anymore and the same fate happened to Jabref4word.
So far, the old version of Docear4Word seems to work ok but I think it would be nice to get it working with recent .NET versions so it is installable out of the box on Windows 10.

I just downloaded VS and tried to compile it myself, but I ran into some dependency issues and my C# skills are basically not existing and I also have not the time and muse to work on it right now.
I don’t know how much work it is to get it up and running and compile for a recent version (including codesigning etc) but I would like to offer a bounty of 50€ to bootstrap the work.
Maybe if there is a working version for recent Windows Versions available, it would attract more users.

Hello Reox,
I can’t say anything about Docear4Word, but there may be another way to work with word. A few month ago I did create a small macro which allows to use the LibreOffice integration in Jabref for Word-Documents. It would still be a dirty fix and relies on LibreOffice to a small extend - but in principle you could write your manuscript in MS-Word.
see: GitHub - teertinker/JabRef_LibreOffice_Converter: A LibreOffice extension that converts JabRef references to plain text code and vice versa so that you can use your references with MS Office.

Your macro looks good and I really like the idea!

But a colleague of mine showed me his Mendeley workflow and I have to admit that this is so easy and ties in with office so elegantly, I wanted to quit using JabRef. Fortunately, Docear4Word offers similar functionality but is not installable out of the box on recent Windows.

I agree that this functionality would be nice.
Unfortunately, we core devs of JabRef are busy maintaining JabRef itself.
We hope that we can attract some student(s), maybe this year in Google Summer of Code 2021, if we a) get accepted and b) a student is interested in this project

Also, Microsoft is changing from the old C++ extensions to a new Javascript based implemenation. So this maybe makes things easier or attracts some more people.