How can I insert a citation into word(.docx)?

I wan to insert reference to word, but when I operate, the error like :

; And how should I do?


I am assuming you want to insert a citation into libreOffice or Open Office.
You first need to have a version of OpenOffice or LIbreOffice installed.

Then, if the autodetection still does not work, you can those “manual connect”, the 2nd icon in the left bar and you have to manually choose the path of your Libre Office or Open Office version.


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Thank you for your answer. I’m sorry, I don’t describe my problem exactly.
Now I’m writing paper in office word 2016.And I want to insert a citation into word(.docx), not Open Office. How should I do? I try to use bibtex4word, but it dosent work.

Thank you!


Directly inserting citations in Microsoft word is not supported by JabRef. However, you could export your JabRef database in MS office xml format and then import it into word to use the ms word built-in bibliography tool.

There is a section in the help which describes how to do that.


Thank you very much!

I strongly recommand Docear4word. It can help you do that mission.

Yes, however, Docear4Word is based on an old JabRef version…

A new version of Docear4Word is available (v 1.3) and works with Office 2016.
I’ve just tried it to be sure. I have JabRef 5.0 and Word 2016.