Display in entry columns author and title

I am using BibLaTeX databases in JabRef 3.8 (previously 3.4) on Windows 7 64 bit.
Since an early version 3, family names consisting of more than one element do not any more seem to be displayed correctly in the entry column “author”.

  1. For example, an author “José María {Rodriguez Fernandez}” is displayed as “Fernandez, J. M. R.”.
  2. Since version 3.8 the alternative form “Rodriguez Fernandez, José María” is even turned into a double author “Fernandez, R. and Maria, J.”
  3. In version 3.4 prefixes “van” and “de” in names such “Peter de Waard” were rendered as “v.” and “d.”, but this seems to be ok again in 3.8.
  4. In version 3.8 certain apostrophes in titles are changed into accents on the following letter, e.g. 'a becomes á.
    Do I need to change settings in JabRef to display items 1, 2 or 4 correctly or could they be bugs?

Many thanks

I have search Pubmed for Rodriguez Fernandez-JM. This resulted in 47 entries. Using Jabfox (and Zotero) I copied them to jabref 3.8.2. They were displayed properly, most of them had already a hyphen in Pubmed.
Experimenting with your problem, at least the issues 1) and 2) I can confirm

Regards Bernhard

Yes all the points you mention look like problems in our author parsing code. Can you please open a new bug report at https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues after testing that they are still present in the latest development version http://builds.jabref.org/master/. Thanks.

Many thanks.
In the current master points 1 and 4 seem to have been remedied, but different from what I thought point 3 still exists in version 3.8 and in the current master. So I will open a bug report for points 2 and 3 and for a problem in sorting double names that I noted later.

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Apparently I cannot anymore comment on the closed issue https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues/2652 that I opened for the above-mentioned problems, so let me comment here before I possibly open a new issue.

I am still not certain whether the format “José María {Rodriguez Fernandez}” for double surnames is supposed to be a valid alternative for “Rodriguez Fernandez, José María”. In any case, it used to work correctly in earlier versions of Jabref and it works correctly in displaying the name in the author/editor column in the current developer version,
However, point 3 of the issue still seems to be a problem: in the format “José María {Rodriguez Fernandez}” this name is still sorted in under F rather than under R, whereas the format.“Rodriguez Fernandez, José María” is correctly sorted under R.
Can you re-open the issue for this or should I open a new one?

Many thanks

Yes, please open a new issue with reference to the old one. Issues containing more than one problem often turn out to be hard to manage since it is not clear which points are already addressed and which are still open.