Strange characters in author field

I have some problems with JabRef 3.5. When I write bibtex code in the name of some authors they appear strange characters. For instance, with \v{S} or {\vS} it appear a rectangle; with '{S} or {'S} the letter does not appear (I have Windows 10).

By the way, this problem does not exist in JabRef 2.10 (I have had to change to JabRef 3.5 due to the small icons of JabRef 2.10 in the high resolution screen of my new laptop) .

Suggestions to solve this problem?

Thank you for your report.
This issue ( ) has been solved the day after JabRef 3.5 was released.
It is fixed in the current development version. You can try it at (or wait for JabRef 3.6).
Note: only the display on the screen is affected. Your BibTeX file is fine.

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Thank you very much for your quick answer.