Correct rendering of (first) author with a single letter surname

One of the authors that I cite has a surname consisting of a single letter. The author’s first name consists of multiple letters. Despite it being entered correctly in the author field in the bibtex file itself (as can be checked in the field editor), it is being rendered in the jabref preview interface as L. Firstname (with Firstname being the person’s given name, and L (without dot!) being the actual surname), and in the overview table in the author/editor column as Firstname et al.
It would be good if this can be corrected in a future release.

I suspect the “L” is detected as a middle name.
In general, it depends on how the citationstyle is coded. We would need to know what citationstyle you use. You can also try different citationstyles via File > Preferences > Entry preview.

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@snafu1975 Have you entered it as L, Firstname?
Could you give as the complete author field entry?

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Sure, it is in the bibtex entry as:

author = {U, Vivian and Lai, Thomas and Bianchin, Marina and Remigio, Raymond P. and Armus, Lee and Larson, Kirsten L. and {D{\'i}az-Santos}, Tanio and Evans, Aaron and Stierwalt, Sabrina and Law, David R. and Malkan, Matthew A. and Linden, Sean and Song, Yiqing and Van Der Werf, Paul P. and Gao, Tianmu and Privon, George C. and Medling, Anne M. and {Barcos-Mu{\~n}oz}, Loreto and Hayward, Christopher C. and Inami, Hanae and Rich, Jeff and Aalto, Susanne and Appleton, Philip and Bohn, Thomas and B{\"o}ker, Torsten and Brown, Michael J. I. and Charmandaris, Vassilis and Finnerty, Luke and Howell, Justin and Iwasawa, Kazushi and Kemper, Francisca and Marshall, Jason and Mazzarella, Joseph M. and McKinney, Jed and {Muller-Sanchez}, Francisco and Murphy, Eric J. and Sanders, David and Surace, Jason},

Changing the citation style does not change the way the name is rendered in the table showing all entries in my library.


for me, it looks correct (using JabRef 5.14 dev version), the author’s name is

  • firstname: Kirsten
  • middlename (abbreviated) L.
  • lastname: Larson

All other author names seem to be correct as well.

The issue is with the first author. Her last name is “U”, just the letter “U”. So, it should be saying “U, Vivian”, and not “Vivian, U.” (see my bibtex line above – you seem to have changed it from what I gave you). Then, if you look in the overview table, where all papers are listed, in the column “Author/Editor”, the paper is incorrectly listed as “Vivian et al.” and not how it should be “U et al.” That is all. I don’t really mean to make a big deal out of it, it is just that the rendering of single letter last names is not going very well. Never mind. It is not a big issue, just something that could be fixed in a next version. I am using version 5.12 by the way. On linux. Thanks, anyway!

Ah, okay, sorry for the misunderstanding. Now I see it and can confirm it, and thanks for pointing this out.

I debugged a bit and found that this triggers an edge case of our author parsing algorithm.

// The last part is a small string in complete upper case, so interpret it as initial of the first > name
  // This is the case for example in "Smith SH" which we think of as lastname=Smith and >firstname=SH
       // The length < 5 constraint should allow for "Smith S.H." as input

I will create an issue (internally first) to discuss it among our developers

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Thanks! It is not a big deal, only a rendering issue I think. When using the database with a latex file everything gets processed correctly. Thanks for working on jabref, I have been a long time user, and the tool is getting better and better all the time!

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@snafu1975 The issue is now fixed in the latest dev version!

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