Displaying keywords in alphabetical order

Can keywords be displayed in alphabetical order to make it easier to select them when the list of keywords pops-up on the right side of the screen?


sorry I cannot help, but I just encountered a similar problem and would be interested in the solution:
I used to have the keywords in alphabetical order. Then I tried to add a new keyword, but once I clicked the OK button of the pop-up dialog, the new keyword didn’t appear in the list. So I added it manually to the end of my .bib file with a text editor. Now my keywords are no longer sorted alphabetically :frowning:

Is there any way to restore the order (apart from doing it manually)?


Hi Stephan,

Did you find a solution to the keywords issue? I am still trying to find a command to list the keywords in alphabetical order without duplicates, and being able to select one of the keywords in the list to be included in the keyword field of a new entry (to write the keyword in a consistent way across entries).

I would be very grateful if you or anybody else could help.

Many thanks.

Hi CBwow,

just upgraded to version 4, but still the keywords aren’t sorted alphabetically… :frowning: