Downloaded document: Filename format

When JabRef downloads documents (using the menu Lookup -> Search full text documents online), my downloaded (pdf) files are named default.pdf, default (1).pdf, etc.

I would like the names to match the BibTeX key.

Currently, in my preferences, under the section “linked file name conventions”, the filename format pattern is set to [bibtexkey].

Why does the filename format pattern is not enforced?
Which settings should I change?

JabRef 5.4–2021-08-30–ff65eb8
Linux 4.19.0-17-amd64 amd64
Java 16.0.2
JavaFX 16+8

for me this happens only if the entry does not have a bibtexkey set. Otherwise, the behavior is as expected and the file is renamed appropriately.

Edit: Using JabRef 5.3

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Indeed, my entries did not have a BibTeX key (which is strange).
Thank you!

There’s an option you can check “Automatically generate citation key”

Nice! However, I cannot locate this option in the preferences… By chance, did you mean Generate keys before saving (for entries without a key)?

Yes, that one or the “generate new key on import” under Import/Export

OK, thanks for the details!

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