Relative path directory of downloads


I have example.pdf and I can generate an entry using DOI.
I have set my preferences/import to:
Filename format pattern --> [bibtexkey] - [title]
File directory pattern --> [year]/

If I drag example.pdf into entry, it goes directly to path/year/filename
The filename also is formatted as I wish.
That works perfect and it is what I intended.

Now I want to generate an entry by DOI. Then search full text to download.
The pdf gets downloaded and directly linked to the entry.
The problem is that the file (the filename is formatted corrected,[bibtexkey] - [title] ) goes to path\

I would like to have the file in path/[year]/.
I tried Options/Preferences/File and then change main file directory path
path\ works
path\ [year]\ doesn’t work

I am not used to java, but I am sure we can get the value of the year and use it to put it in the right folder automatically.

The final idea is–> use DOI to generate entry, then search full text (donwload it, link it and place it properly in the correct folder).


normally your approach should work fine .e.g [year] in file directory pattern.
Could you please test the latest development version from ?
It’s recommended to make a backup of your library before testing the new version

I remember that there was a problem that the fulltext download did not respect the file directory pattern that had been fixed a while ago.

Hi Christoph,

Using version 5.1 of windows…

Options/Preferences/File and then change main file directory path

Filename format pattern --> [bibtexkey] - [title]
File directory pattern --> [year]/

Now when I search full text , it downloads the pdf when found
file is linked and goes to f.gallardo\Literature\pdf[year]\filename_formated.pdf, automatically… impressive

Many thanks!!!

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Thanks for the feedback, glad that it works now!

Welcome to the “magic” of JabRef’s features :wink: