Editor and citation preview now both shown at the same time, how to turn that off?

Just updated the development version to 5.0-alpha–snapshot–2019-08-25–master–0fb7f5ae0 and for some reason the way the lower pane is shown when double clicking / editing an entry is now different:

Previously, just the whole pane was used for the different tabs for editing the entry.

Now, the pane is divided vertically with the editing fields on the left and with the citation preview on the right.

Why is this done automatically (without me switching it on explicitly) and more importantly, how can I switch it off? I do not want to see that right part and instead use all the space for editing as before. Is it just me who finds it somewhat hard to figure out how to make that right part go away? I would have expected something easy to remove it like a little “x” icon in a corner or a right-click option “close” or a checked “preview citation” entry in the right click menu or something in the global “View” Menu. But I could not find anything to get rid of this or to choose between the preview and the edit modes.

Has this been removed and the editor tabs and the preview have now to be shown together always?

Personally I am not too happy about being forced to always have to have both parts there, I would prefer the old way since I almost never used the entry preview feature anyways. I simply do not need it and I am not sure why I have to give screen estate to it and cpu cycles to re-calculate it?

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This change was done on purpose and at the moment there is no way to disable the entry-preview on the right side. For the reasoning behind this decision, see the discussion at https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/pull/4976.

If we should get a lot of feedback from users which prefer the old style, we will provide an option to hide the preview.

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Thanks, for anyone coming here later, the proper issue for giving feedback on this is now

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