Entry editor has disappeared

Two days ago the entry editor disappeared, and I have been unable to make it reappear. I have reinstalled JabRef_windows-x64_4_2. No change. Uninstalled Jabref, then reinstalled from scratch. Still nothing. I am running Windows 10 version 1803 and using Java 8 update 171.

When I “toggle entry preview” the indicator toggles status, but still nothing is visible. Am I missing something?


it could be the case that your entry editor is small, e.g. sometimes I had that the window is there, but it’s just at the bottom.
Otherwise resetting the preferences might help

PS: You should update to java 1.8.172, there was a bug in the java version which could lead to freezes.

Thanks. I managed to get back in business by uninstalling, cleaning the registry, and reinstalling. I will upgrade Java today.

And you are probably correct that the window was shrunk to the bottom. I did not realize it could do that until after I reinstalled everything.