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I’m currently facing some problems while using JabRef. Basically, I want to insert an inbook reference; the reference is

“DIETZ, A.G.H. Introduction to the utilization of solar energy, chapter Diathermanous materials and pro- perties of surfaces, pages 59–86. McGraw-Hill, 1963.”

However, instead of the reference showing “chapter” and “pages” when I link it to my latex file, I want the reference to show “capítulo” and “páginas”. Anyone who might help me out with this?
Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

In fact, this is not a JabRef issue (i.e. not related to the content of your .bib file), but a LaTeX issue (i.e. related to the way your .bib file is used by LaTeX).
In your TeX file, you have to use a bibliographic style (\bibliographystyle{}) having Portuguese translations.
The package babelbib may help you.