Error when creating and entry via DOI

Whereas it worked a few days or weeks ago, I can’t create an entry by giving its DOI anymore. It raises an error:


The issues seems related to DOI only, since arXiv import works.
I use JabRef 5.2 (but I had the bug on 5.0 too) on Linux Mint 20.1.

Has anybody an idea about how to solve this? Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Could this be that you reached a traffic limitation from (like there is for some web fetchers. See Searching externally using Online Services - JabRef)

If so, you could try another internet access (which, hopefully, is not banned by
Another alternative would be to try the development version of JabRef (index - powered by h5ai v0.29.0 ( — make sure to backup your data first, just in case): it allows for specifying the DOI URI (see Custom web address for accessing articles through DOI · Issue #7337 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub) in the preferences (“Custom DOI URI”), and so you could use an alternative DOI resolver, such as or

JabRef is helping you on a regular basis? Please, find a way of giving back.

Thanks for your answer! Indeed, the problem doesn’t occur when I try to load a DOI from my home…
However, I can visit doi .org perfectly from my browser at work, which I suppose wouldn’t be possible in case of traffic restrictions?

By the way, I also tried to use mEDRA as suggested in the documentation, but it is unable to find the references I look for:


… even if the DOI resolver at mEDRA .org finds them. Maybe should I post a second post for this problem?

(Sorry for spaces in URLs but the antispam rules don’t allow me to post more than one hyperlink per post.)

So, it may not be a traffic restriction.

Using mEDRA, I get the same result. Please, could you open an issue at Issues · JabRef/jabref · GitHub?

Done: Creating entry via mEDRA (using DOI) doesn't work · Issue #7673 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I use Jabref5.2 on Win10. I have no issue when creating an entry using the DOI.
My problem is that the entry states that the title of the journal is labeled as “journaltitle” and the year of publication as “Date”.
In LaTeX this means that journal and year appear as blank (ie, not described). I have to manually copy and paste those entries into the correct fields in the entry by hand. Any work-around?
This started happening with 5.2.

I think this happens because Jabref is in BibLaTeX mode (by default or not, see JabRef Always Opens in BibLaTeX Mode (BibTeX Mode Desired)).

But it has nothing to do with this topic, you should open a new topic if your issue is not solved.

By the way, @mlep I just noticed that the DOI fetching now works. I don’t unterstand what the problem was, maybe the traffic restrictions you mentioned.

You have to edit your library properties and switch the mode to BibTeX.
See Year has been replaced by date - #2 by mlep

@mlep In Preferences, under General, the Default Library mode is clearly indicated as BibTeX when I open JabRef. I can choose biblatex, but I guess that this is not what you meant. When I do choose to select biblatex, the journal is still input as journaltitle and the year as date.
[Edit] Sorry, hadn’t gone to the right place. Now, when changing in ‘Library properties’ the entry to BibTeX, everything is OK. sorry!